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Mentoring Program: The Gals Tribe

In search of empowering more women in Australia, Ale and Clau, founders of Gals en Australia, decided to take their dream beyond the general support they give to the members of the community on a daily basis. In this regard, they wanted to develop a method and resources to help migrant women in Australia to find their first professional job in Australia or to further their careers. This idea was born from the frustration felt by both of them in their own quests for integration to the Australian workforce, as well as the valuable lessons and knowledge they’ve gained in the process.

Finding work overseas cannot be catalogued straightforwardly as being easy or difficult because, the truth is that, it is a very different experience for everyone. Nonetheless, the common thread of every person that has successfully landed a job in another country is the will and strength to keep going. Despite the particularities of our own personality and profession, every search for employment requires a lot of introspection, research, diligence, confidence and, most of all, support. 

 Acknowledging the multifaceted nature of the process, Ale and Clau decided to work on a project which would holistically cover core topics and address the most common challenges and questions that come with it, but, above all, tackle those fears regarding the barrier language, the lack of local experience or self-doubt faced by many migrants when looking for their first job opportunity. With this incredibly strong message, they created the Mentoring Program: The Gals Tribe. 

The power behind the word “Tribe” enhances the idea of creating a safe place where every Gal can trust each other and openly share their thoughts and ideas, knowing that there’s someone listening and willing to help. After four programs completed by the end of 2021, 45 Latin and Hispanic women have gained professional tools and knowledge focused on career finding and development, as well as cultivated skills such as self-awareness, self-compassion, and assertiveness. This has translated into 85% of them finding employment by the end of the program.These results represent the materialization of Ale and Clau’s dream when they first decided to create Gals en Australia. 

Still, both of them couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for The Gals Tribe. They are committed to keep improving and offering the program in hopes of deepening the positive impact of the group in many women’s lives, as well as contributing to society with the integration of skilled, talented and strong Latin and Hispanic women in the Australian labour market.Stay tuned if you want to join the next program and be part of this amazing experience dedicated to empowering women just like you in Australia!