About Us

The beginning of our journey  
Gals en Australia was founded in Melbourne in 2019 by Alejandra Angeles and Claudia Viloria, two international students from Mexico and Colombia. In 2018, Clau was arranging everything to move to Australia. Full of uncertainty about the country, she posted some questions on a Facebook Group asking how life as a student in Melbourne was for people who’d travelled halfway around the world to educate themselves. Ale, willing to help, answered Clau's Facebook post and they started occasionally chatting through messenger about Australia and their plans.

 When Clau arrived in Melbourne and not knowing anyone, she decided to text Ale and let her know that she was already in Australia. They had lunch together and from the first time they met, they knew that would be good friends. Since then, Ale and Clau have been a support for each other.

 In October 2019, Ale and Clau started Gals en Australia with the aim to connect with other women from their community. They started by organising free professional and personal development workshops in Melbourne to help these women with things like improving their LinkedIn, resume or interview skills. They have grown to more than 5,000+ women in the group and have expanded the content to include personal wellbeing, with workshops around meditation, how to overcome anxiety and distress using breathing techniques; grief and loss; and emotional management to mention a few.

 Ale and Clau are proud of the women who contribute to and have helped to build this community. Their goal is to help women succeed and provide the opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally. The Gals community is a support network for those that have taken a leap of faith and moved to a new country together!

Welcome to our community.
Empowering Women
Every successful woman has a community behind her that encourages her growth and celebrates her successes, and that's what we strive to provide. We are committed to the gal's personal and professional advancement in Australia.

We are proud to provide a safe space where women and Latinas in Australia can connect and feel as though they are always in good company, and have a place where they belong.